Why You Need To Allergy Test??

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If you would like to know what type of allergen triggers your allergic response; you may want to take an allergy test. Usually, skin tests are taken because they are quick and reliable and not as expensive as many of the blood tests. Rest assured either test can be taken; they both may provide the same results.

With a skin allergy test, a small amount of the allergen is placed below or on the skin to see what type of reaction takes place. With the skin prick test; usually a drop of solution that contains the culprit allergen is placed upon the skin. The solution enters the skin via scratches or needle pricks. The end results of the allergy test are red, raised itchy areas; this is a positive sign of the person being allergic to that specific allergen.

With an intradermal allergy test; the allergen is injected into the skin by small amounts. This test usually takes place when an allergen does not cause a reaction in the skin prick test; however, it is still a suspected cause of an allergy for the person being tested. The intradermal allergy test is much more sensitive than skin prick tests; unfortunately, it is positive in those who aren’t experiencing symptoms to a certain allergen.

With a skin patch allergy test; an allergen solution that has been soaked onto a pad is taped to the person’s skin anywhere from 24 to 72 hours. Most often, this allergy test is utilized to detect skin allergies.

Antibodies located in the blood are usually found when a person takes a blood allergy test. These tests are not as sensitive as skin tests, but are utilized most often for those who cannot have a skin allergy test for one reason or another.
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The enzyme linked immunosorbent assay is a blood allergy test that happens to be one of the most common types of tests utilized these days. This allergy test measures blood levels of an antibody called immunoglobulin E. These antibodies are made when the body responds to certain allergies. Quite often you will find that immunoglobulin E levels are very high in those who happen to have asthma or other types of allergies.

There are other methods one can utilize such as radioallergosorbent testing or immunoassay capture test or even Pharmacia CAP that will provide the patient with much more information. Remember, your options are wide open when searching for just the right allergy test.

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