9 Steps How to Get Rid of Diaper Rash in Babies Naturally

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Diaper rash is the most unpleasant thing experienced by babies. This can make mothers worried and confused. Therefore I will give 9 easy ways to overcome diaper rash. before we get to know more about the causes of diaper rash.

Causes of Diaper rash in infants

  • Leaving the diaper dirty for too long. check every 2-3 hours
  • Babies swipe diapers because they are too tight
  • infection. The baby’s body areas namely buttocks, thighs and genitals often touch. the diaper becomes moist and warm, making it vulnerable to bacterial or fungal infections. Especially babies who have allergies such as eczema, atopic dermatitis. more likely to experience diaper rash.
  • introduction of new foods in babies. when babies eat solid food, their stools change, the likelihood of diaper rash is very large. changes in the type of baby food can also increase the frequency of bowel movements. which can cause diaper rash. If the baby only consumes breast milk, the baby may respond to something the mother eats.

Characteristics of diaper rash

Reddish patches and accompanied by small bumps. Usually found in the buttocks, genitals, groin and groin.

This is actually not dangerous but can cause discomfort so that your baby is more fussy than usual. if the baby’s rash is still mild it might not be visible to our eyes.

But, we can find out when babies begin to be uncomfortable when changing diapers. Babies with diaper rash often cry or scream when the diaper area is cleaned or touched.

Tips for dealing with diaper rash in infants:

  1. Wash your hands before and after changing diapers
  2. Change diapers as soon as possible, if they are dirty
  3. Baby’s skin is better rubbed gently
  4. if you want to clean the rash area it is better to choose wet wipes that are non-alcoholic and non-perfume
  5. Make sure your baby’s buttocks are clean and dry before putting diapers
  6. If the rash has worsened, use a spray bottle to wash the skin area. And make sure not to rub the area of ​​the skin that has the rash.
  7. When your baby has a rash, free the baby as much as possible from the use of diapers. If this is not possible you should use a diaper that is larger than usual.
  8. Choose creams that contain petrolatum or petroleum jelly oxidants in the ingridient.
  9. If diaper rash persists contact your doctor immediately.

That’s 9 easy ways to deal with diaper rash in infants. Now you don’t need to worry if your baby has a rash. make sure you follow my tips. may be useful and healthy greetings for you and your baby.